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Social Gaming Session with the Busan Chapter! #1059

Sat, Feb 20, 19:00-21:00 JST | KOTESOL Room | Open Session
Open session: please log in Synchronous-Zoom Social Event

Online conferences allow participants a chance to continue to grow professionally by attending virtual presentations and panels, but does not allow for the traditional wine and cheese mixers, dinners, and other social gatherings associated with conferences. Through the use of Zoom and a couple of online games, the KOTESOL Busan-Gyeongnam Chapter would like to invite conference participants to an online social event from the safety and convenience of their own homes. Busan-Gyeongnam will play host to those that want to socialize with colleagues, experiment with online social games, or just want to be around other people. Different Zoom breakout rooms with different games (via social networking sites and games offered across platforms) will be offered. Attendees need not worry about their skill level or experience when it comes to games, but they must have access to Zoom on a computer and an additional smartphone or tablet.

The KOTESOL Busan-Gyeongnam Chapter Officers are Anika Casem (President), Daniel Jones (Treasurer), Kirsten Razzaq (Secretary), Rhea Metituk (Membership Officer), and Brittany Cardamone (Webmaster). Cumulatively, they have been in South Korea and teaching for over 40 years and have taught the gamut of elementary to adults in the private and public setting.

Presentation Assets

Welcome from the Busan Chapter!

Please view our video introducing the games we are planning for you.

Houseparty Basics Tutorial

This tutorial is intended to help attendees download, sign up, and learn to add the Busan Chapter officers as friends on Houseparty, which are all essential for joining the fun and games! Download Houseparty for iOS: Download Houseparty for Android:

How to Participate

Download PDF: How to Participate

Rhea Metituk

Rhea Metituk

Korea TESOL [KOTESOL]/University of Ulsan
Rhea L. Metituk teaches four skills courses at the University of Ulsan, as well as business English, writing, TOEIC speaking and listening, and creative film projects and presentations to Korean and international students. This past few semesters like many at post-secondary institutes she has adapted to new methods which at UOU has entailed real-time speaking classes on zoom using blended learning methods. In Korea TESOL, Rhea is currently the First Vice President, and is on the Busan chapter council, as well as co-creator and co-coordinator of the Women Gender Equality & Environmental Justice SIGs [Special Interest Groups]. Contact: or FB: Rhea Gata
KOTESOL Financial Affairs Chair, KOTESOL Busan-Gyeongnam Treasurer
Kirsten Razzaq

Kirsten Razzaq

The University of Sunderland Graduate 2021 / Yondong Elementary Busan
Kirsten Razzaq currently teaches English to young learners in Busan, South Korea, where she has lived since 2017. Her next milestone will be completing an MA TESOL from the University of Sunderland in 2021. Since 2018 she has been a member of KOTESOL and since 2019 has lectured online and offline for the NIIED, training incoming EPIK teachers and TaLK scholars. She is the KOTESOL Busan-Gyeongnam chapter Secretary for 2021.
Anika Casem

Anika Casem

University Of Ulsan
Anika double-majored in English and Speech Communication in her undergraduate studies. She has a MA in Communication Studies and a TESOL certificate. In the United States she taught public speaking at the university level and adult language learners at a local community college. As a member of the Busan-Gyeongnam chapter she was able to represent KOTESOL as a panel speaker at Ehwa University, present at a few KOTESOL conferences, work as a Zoom technical assistant for the online National Conference, attend various chapter meetings, and act as membership officer in 2020. She has been in South Korea since 2016 and currently teaches at the University of Ulsan.
Brittany Cardamone

Brittany Cardamone

Ulsan Metropolitan Office of Education
Brittany Cardamone has been teaching young learners in Ulsan since 2015. She holds an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from the University of Leicester. She has been a member of KOTESOL since 2018 and is currently the Webmaster for the Busan-Gyeongnam Chapter.