KOTESOL2021 / Zoom

How to Zoom

Are you looking for the Zoom links for the presentations? They'll be available for each presentation 10 minutes before the session starts! If you've purchased a ticket to the conference, you'll be able to click on the session's location and automatically be redirected to the appropriate Zoom room. If you have any problems or questions, you can visit our #tech-questions channel in the conference Discord or email our co-chair (iccochair2021@koreatesol.org), who will be available to help with tech stuff.

So... how does one "Zoom"?

By now this page is probably redundant for most people. But on the off chance you haven't used Zoom, we've got some information for you below.

Before you continue, please note:
  • Every Zoom room at this conference will have at least one person there to monitor and help. They will be clearly identifiable.
  • Larger sessions will have Moderators and Monitors. Moderators will facilitate questions and respond to the presenter's non-technical needs. Monitors are there to make sure rooms are functioning properly and to assist with basic technical issues.
  • While we will do our very best to help everyone, it is in your best interest to be familiar with how Zoom works before you go into a room.

Newbie Level
If you're an absolute newbie, check out some of Zoom's introductory material here. Note: You'll have to download Zoom and create a free account if this is the first time you've used it!

What to figure out first:
How to log in; how to turn your microphone on/off; how to turn on/off the videocamera; how to access and send chat messages

Moderately Experienced
If you're moderately experienced, attending a session should not be problematic. Stick to basic controls, and you'll be fine.

Very Experienced.
If you're really experienced, you might find yourself getting frustrated with other participants who aren't at your level. We'd ask that you please be patient (and help when you can)!

For Presenters
If this is you, you need to ensure you are familiar with the controls you will need to use. Here, one key is practice-practice-practice. Practice turning screen sharing on and off, until you can do it easily. A second key is don't panic. If something goes wrong, take a breath, and if you can't figure it out, ask the monitor / moderator for help. People are attending your session to hear your ideas, not to be dazzled by your facility with tech (though a well-placed cat filter is kind of cool).

Did we miss anything here? Let us know!

Haaaaaaappy Zooooooooming!