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Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter Presents: As Time Goes By: Revisiting Some Familiar ELT Questions #1154

Wed, Feb 24, 18:30-19:10 JST | KOTESOL Room | Open Session
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** Free and open to all! **

This session will reconsider some important questions already familiar to English teachers.

Should we let students use L1? Should we use it ourselves? How can we motivate disinterested students? How useful are our class activities, really? EFL teachers are sure to meet these questions, and many more. As our experience broadens, we develop a sense of our answers. Our philosophies grow, evolve, and deepen.

With this in mind, this session will challenge attendees to re-examine some of these ‘old’ questions in order to reflect on what we believe now, how we got here, and where we might go next. Attendees will reflect on three important themes in ELT: L1 in the classroom, student motivation, and activity effectiveness. Attendees will gain insight into their own beliefs and practices, and the presenter will offer some of his own ideas along with a smattering of theory, casting some new light on perennial issues.