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Google Education Training (English Session) #1133

Tue, Feb 23, 11:30-16:30 JST | Session
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*** NOTE: This session takes place in Google Meet and uses a variety of Google tools. Please make sure you have a Google account before you join! ***

Google Education Group Gyeonggi-do ~ GEG-GG presents

Tools-Tips-and-Tricks for Google-using Educators

What’s your learning objective? There’s definitely a tool to use, a technique to employ, and a fellow teacher who is ready to help you! Welcome to GEG-GG! Our group of highly energetic, engaging educators use Google-based tools to improve as professionals while accomplishing classroom goals. Most importantly, we discuss ways to make the learner have a more memorable, fun, authentic, and rigorous learning experience. Over the course of two days, participants will go through the same sessions that are normally done to become a qualified GCE - Google Certified Educator. We will share experiences and encourage real-time interaction. Participation in these sessions can help prepare you for Level 1 certification. (Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets, Youtube, Google Sites and Google Classroom).

Monday (Korean) 11:30 am - 4:30 pm 1st hour; Lunch~Q&A hour; 3 more sessions / 3 hours: (5 hours total)

Tuesday (English) 11:30 am - 4:30 pm 1st hour; Lunch~Q&A hour; 3 more sessions / 3 hours: (5 hours total)

Hosts and Presenters

Jung Eun "Judy" Kim

Ms. Jung Eun Judy Kim is a founder and a lead researcher in Hands In Hands research center where she develops online learning systems with a focus on communicative language skills, media literacy, digital literacy, digital feedback, digital empathy, and global competence. She has been teaching English communicative language skills and training pre-service and in-service teachers for the last 22 years. Currently her research is focused on the effects of bilingualism on dementia and global education cooperation.

She is the first woman Google Certified Innovator and Trainer in Korea. And she is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. She is a leader of Google Educator Group Gyeonggi. She supports shifts in pedagogy and practice through professional development, training of teachers and educators in K12 and higher education on uptake of new technology, and facilitating conversations and planning between the community, school boards, teachers, administrators, and students. She is also leading a Global educator group with 80 leaders from all over the world to connect and support educators worldwide and make the world a smaller, and better place.

James G. Rush, II

Mr. James G. Rush, II, has been working in South Korea at Luther University since fall of 2016. Beginning in 2017, he became actively involved in events for the local Yongin Chapter and Korea TESOL at the national level. Currently, James is the president of the Yongin Chapter and is part of the International Outreach Committee.

James has taught at all levels from K-to-University and has a masters degree in educational technology. He has lived, worked and instructed in numerous countries, grade-levels and cultural settings. While his position is primarily focused on the use of EFL (English as a Foreign Language), he desires to encourage students to develop as life-long-learners and critical thinkers. As a member of the Google Educator Group-Gyeonggi (GEG-GG), James desires to learn the tools to be considered a certified Google Educator.

James G. Rush, II

James G. Rush, II

Luther University
This will be the start of my 5th school year in Korea. I arrived in August of 2016 and have been serving at a small, Christian university named Luther University. In Korea TESOL, I started to become active in late 2016 and have had the opportunity to attend, present, and represent Korea TESOL in various contexts.
Judy Kim

Judy Kim

Hands In Hands & GEG Gyeonggi
I'm a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator.