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Play with Me, Please! #1087

Fri, Feb 26, 17:00-18:20 JST | Auxiliary Stage
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Play is absolutely essential for human development. How can we help our students to find balance and motivation again in this difficult period of change and crisis? Playing. It's so simple and so necessary. But we need to play before them, to discover specific skills, and after be ready to give a new and daring shape to our classes. How can we do this? With playful creativity and specific exercises. This workshop will be highly interactive with slides, videos, materials, and practice.

*** Participants, please bring paper, scissors, glue, and colored pencils or markers! The presenter also recommends two or three acrylic paints in your favorite colors, one or two white sheets of paper, a shoebox or something similar, and some objects you like: ephemera, erasers, pencils, coins, fabric, etc. ***

(NOTE: Rescheduled from Feb. 21, 4-5:20 p.m.)

Francesca Mazzucato

Francesca Mazzucato

Higher Education Training for Teachers HETT
I am a free professional European English Teacher and Teacher Trainer and an international collage artist and writer. I have a Degree in Humanities, an Internship in the European Parliament Library, TESOL, and many other specific certificates I have worked online since 2013 with students of all ages and nationalities. I studied with Nick Billbourgh, Peter Dyer, and followed Zsofia JakabI and Audrey Wessels. I started a specific research on children's play and creative work with analog collage and art journal applied to ELT in 2020. Rethinking and daring with creativity is, in my opinion, one of the crucial points in the evolution of English teaching and one of the focus of my interests and studies I have been teaching online to migrant, refugees and displaced people in Italy and abroad and I am currently volunteering in The Workshop, Belgrade. Volunteering is a way to feel more complete as a woman, a professional and as a teacher