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Play with Me, Please! #1087

Fri, Feb 26, 17:00-18:20 JST | Auxiliary Stage

Play is absolutely essential for human development. How can we help our students to find balance and motivation again in this difficult period of change and crisis? Playing. It's so simple and so necessary. But we need to play before them, to discover specific skills, and after be ready to give a new and daring shape to our classes. How can we do this? With playful creativity and specific exercises. This workshop will be highly interactive with slides, videos, materials, and practice.

*** Participants, please bring paper, scissors, glue, and colored pencils or markers! The presenter also recommends two or three acrylic paints in your favorite colors, one or two white sheets of paper, a shoebox or something similar, and some objects you like: ephemera, erasers, pencils, coins, fabric, etc. ***

(NOTE: Rescheduled from Feb. 21, 4-5:20 p.m.)

Inducing Creativity in Young Learners: Building 21st-Century Skills Using Technology #1109

Sat, Feb 27, 09:30-10:10 JST | Room GJ

Integrating technology into the EFL education curriculum in Korea has become an increasingly important balancing act, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Research has shown various opinions on the appropriate amount of technology to integrate to create a curriculum that fosters the development of 21st-century skills that would support language development. Several studies have shown that there have been several key issues preventing teachers from fully utilizing these tools to develop students' 21st-century skills. These problematic areas include finding the right technology tool to use, teacher knowledge of technology, adaptation into the current curriculum, and administrative support. What this workshop hopes to accomplish is to provide some practical ways you can combine techniques of your own creativity and the use of technology you may currently have in your classroom. The workshop will focus on developing skills in creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking for elementary school students.

Creativity in English Education: What the Recent Research Tells Us #1053

Sat, Feb 27, 10:30-10:55 JST

Creativity has been receiving a lot of attention in the field of English language education. Recent academic research has attempted to answer questions such as these: What does creativity mean for English teachers and students? Can creativity be fostered? How can English teachers encourage their students to be creative while learning English? Does encouraging students to be creative help them to improve their English? This presentation will draw on the recent body of research to offer answers to all of these questions for teachers working with students of all ages. The basis for this presentation is a meta-analysis of over forty purposefully sampled research papers conducted on creativity in English classrooms in the past few years. The presenters will highlight trends in this research and draw out practical implications and recommendations for English teachers who hope to encourage their own students to practice English creatively.

Roxy Lee / Roxy Lee / Stewart Gray /

Touch the Scraps: Analog Collages and Art Journal in ELT Classrooms #1088

Sat, Feb 27, 16:30-17:50 JST | Room GJ

The pandemic has challenged our patience, balance, and motivation. This workshop is composed of various activities and simple techniques to help us be more resiliant and inspiring when we speak to a class or a group. Social communication skills, drama, and improvisation together with creative writing and free mental association will be important aspects of a workshop that aims to include everybody. The key part will be dedicated to art therapy and collage applied to ELT for children and adults.