Takano Yoko (洋子高野)


Teaching students who aged from 6-18 yrs for 2 decades. Teaching grammar,writing in NUFS, reading in Meijo university, TOEIC in Nanzan university. Program chair of Nagoya JALT.


Fun Writing Projects Make EFL Students Active in Classes

Sat, Feb 27, 09:30-10:10 JST

This workshop gives attendees hands-on activities for students in the EFL classroom, not only for in-person classes but also for online classes. Regarding writing, input activities are indispensable for students to output their opinions, choices, and ideas; also, the activities should be suitable and practical. To make both input and output activities for writing, what do teachers need? This workshop will include samples of writing activities including stepped-writing, mini-debate, publication platforms such as Padlet, and classroom journals in order to offer audiences practice with such writing input and output activities. In addition, audiences will be able to use the writing activities for their own teaching contexts, either in-person or online, using these concepts. As a result, students can increase their motivation toward writing while being active through input-output activities. Written essays and other work done by students aged 13 to 17 will be shown in this workshop to illustrate the power of this writing concept.

Online Project-Based Teaching’s Benefits to Young Learners and Their Families

Sat, Feb 20, 09:30-11:00 JST

How young learners engage in both online and in-person classes in a small private language school can be worth seeing in this session and will show audiences students' resilience through the project. This presenter provided projects-based teaching in Zoom to make the students happy in language learning in April and May in 2020. Especially, a “ninja project” invited students to support their families with actions. As a result of this, all students were motivated to do presentations on Flipgrid and Padlet to complete the project. The students, aged from 6-12, have been learning English in person and online since last June and have improved their communicative competence in this school. This presentation shows the objectives, students' work, comments, and parents’ comments. In addition, the result of formative assessment is included in order to prove how the project-based teaching helped the students and their families. ** Part of the Pecha Kucha Extravaganza; each pecha kucha is just under 7 minutes long (20 slides at 20 seconds per slide).

Pecha Kucha Extravaganza

Sat, Feb 20, 09:30-11:00 JST

Synchronous Pecha Kucha: * Marc Jones, "Making Your Classes ADHD-Aware: Simple Tips for Inclusion" * James Papple, "TESOL Affiliate Network and Professional Council Overview" * Kinsella Valies, "You Talking to Me? English-Speaking Practice Through Movies" * Jason Wolfe & Jonathan Adreano, "UnGoogleability and Radical Creativity" Asynchronous Pecha Kucha: * Daniela Trinks, "Teaching the Board Game Go to English Learners" * Takano Yoko, "Online Project-Based Teaching’s Benefits to Young Learners and Their Families" *** Note: Each pecha kucha is just under 7 minutes long (20 slides at 20 seconds per slide). ***