Heidi Nam

Chongshin University

Heidi Nam teaches general English and teacher training courses at Chongshin University in Seoul.


Christian Teachers SIG Dialog: Christian Identity and Teaching Critical Thinking

Sun, Feb 28, 13:00-14:30 JST

This dialog, hosted by the KOTESOL Christian Teachers SIG, will challenge participants to articulate their beliefs about Christian identity and teaching critical thinking by answering the following questions in small groups: What is critical thinking? What is the relationship between critical thinking and cross-cultural understanding? What roles do identity and empathy play in critical thinking? Do Christian English teachers have an obligation to teach critical thinking? How might Christian identity affect a teacher's materials and methods for teaching critical thinking? As a follow up to the discussion, participants will be invited to contribute their reflections on Christian identity and teaching critical thinking to the KOTESOL Christian Teachers SIG newsletter.