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Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter Presents: Using Creative Constraints in Speaking-Based Activities #1157

Wed, Feb 24, 21:00-21:40 JST | KOTESOL Room | Open Session
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** Free and open to all! **

Role-plays and dialogues can be fun production tasks that spark students’ creativity while also encouraging movement in the classroom. However, many students (especially those less academically-inclined) may be quick to throw up their hands and say “I have no idea” or “I’m not creative.” It’s a common problem that can derail creative dialogue activities.

The key to creative breakthroughs can start with setting restrictions or boundaries - creative constraints. By setting initial limits on role-playing possibilities, students can find more creative freedom - a kind of “jumping-off point.” As teachers, we can turn these dials to scale speaking activities to students’ language abilities and promote more creativity in our classrooms.

Ian Schneider

Ian Schneider

Ian Schneider is an instructor at the Jeollanamdo International Education Institute in Yeosu, where he helps Korean English Teachers develop greater confidence in speaking, listening, and technological skills. Before that, he worked at Namak High School as a native instructor. He holds a B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Kentucky.