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KOTESOL Connections: Back to Square One – Reflective Practice in Uncertain Times #1149

Sat, Feb 20, 19:00-19:40 JST | Auxiliary Stage | Open Session
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2020 was a year without precedent. As educators, we were faced with unexpected challenges that forced many of us to abandon time-honored teaching methods in favor of new, unfamiliar ones that may not have always worked. Thomas S.C. Farrell’s (2016) book on reflective practice, From Trainee to Teacher, takes readers on a journey of three novice ESL teachers as they navigate their first year in the classroom. From the initial “shock,” to having to “sink or swim,” to questioning one’s teacher beliefs, the experiences of these novice teachers contain stark similarities to the experiences of many educators, both new and seasoned, within the past year. Participants will reflect on their classroom experiences in 2020 through the lens of a novice teacher. They will also be given a set of tools based on Farrell’s reflective practice framework that they can use to examine their own teaching practice more critically.

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Back to Square One - Reflective Practice in Uncertain Times

Download PDF: Back to Square One - Reflective Practice in Uncertain Times

Brian Raisbeck has taught EFL in Korea for nearly a decade. He holds an MAT in TESOL from the University of Southern California and an MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition from the University of Oxford. He is also the National Facilitator of the Reflective Practice Special Interest Group (RPSIG) and the Facilitator of the RPSIG’s Seoul group.