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Resilient Curricula for Lockdown Learning: Experiences, Platforms, and Activities #1103

Sat, Feb 27, 10:30-10:55 JST | YouTube
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During the global pandemic, educators worldwide have made massive strides in helping learners change from in-person classes to digital formats. Despite these efforts, many students have found the switch to online instruction to be a frustrating, overwhelming experience. University students have reported mental, physical, and technological issues while taking classes at home instead of on campus. This paper focuses on how a resilient approach to curriculum may have the ability to reduce such difficulties. Resilient curricula focus on navigating disruptions and rebounding from sub-optimal learning situations. Based on the experiences of 300 Japan-based university students, we look specifically at four themes: issues students felt they could control and could not control, resilient technology platform use, and activity design. These themes arose through online discussions in language learning classes during 2020 and may be applicable to a range of learners. We suggest solutions for each theme and aim to share resources with participants.