Miso Kim


Roundtable for Cross-Cultural Collaboration Between Korea and Japan

Tue, Feb 23, 19:00-20:00 JST

This roundtable features speakers who have experience in research or teaching in both Korea and Japan, or facilitating or collaborating between the two countries. After brief opening remarks, the session will be open to participants for discussion and networking. This session aims to bring leaders, researchers, and teachers in Korea and Japan together with the goal of working in closer collaboration. Speaker 1 (Dawn Lucovich), Professional and Community Development: I will discuss how professional organizations and their members in Korea and Japan can work together to create mutually beneficial opportunities. Speaker 2 (Miso Kim), Research: I would like to share Korean-Japanese research collaboration ideas on these topics: (a) the social significance of standardized English tests, (b) students' motivation to study English and go abroad, and (c) the feasibility and practicability of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) education. Speaker 3 (Erin Bruni Suzuki), Teaching: I will discuss how university students, high school students, and debate coaches in Korea and Japan worked to create an online international high school parliamentary debate tournament. Speaker 4 (Rhea Metituk), Professional and Community Development: I will share my experiences developing connections and collaborations across KOTESOL and JALT, including through events both offline and online, and through JALT's Performance In Education SIG.