Yoko Ichiyama (市山陽子)


Why We Should Publish Our Own Pre-extensive Reading Materials

Fri, Feb 19, 11:45-Mon, Mar 1, 12:00 JST

In this presentation, I will present three reasons for the necessity of developing and publishing our own pre-extensive reading materials for tertiary-level EFL classrooms. The first is that, while some reading material is commercially available, much of it fails to include word count per page. The second is that characters who are described as being the same age as the target audience of readers are often missing from such materials. A third reason is that few books for this audience are short-story collections, which are suitable for gaining extensive reading habits. Books with these features enable beginning readers to experience two core principles of extensive reading, namely reading quickly and reading for pleasure. As the author of two pre-extensive reading materials, I will also provide useful tips for developing and publishing pre-extensive reading materials.