Eric Reynolds

Woosong University

Eric Reynolds has been a world traveler for EFL. He has lived and traveled all over the USA. Unfortunately, his wanderlust was unsatisfied in America, so he became an EFL teacher, and lived and taught in “a bunch” of countries including Japan, Bulgaria, Tajikistan, and now Korea. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and teaches at Woosong University in Daejeon and is interested in multimedia-assisted language learning (MALL). contact:


Building Financial Health While Teaching English in Korea

Sat, Feb 27, 09:30-11:00 JST

The last year, 2020, will go down in history. How did your bank accounts fare? Financially, 2020 was an excellent year for the "haves" but a terrible year for the "have-nots." The purpose of this panel is to help answer questions that our colleagues have about improving their financial health, particularly in light of the impact of COVID on an expatriate lifestyle. The panelists have experience in debt reduction, investing, building “set-asides,” F.I.R.E., retirement planning, managing pensions, passive income, Korean taxes, tax in other countries we know about, planning based on your age, life after Korea, some legal issues, etc. Our goal with this panel is to provide you with a few of our top tips to improve your financial health and then answer any questions you have regarding your individual needs and situations. Working together can help everyone's financial health improve.