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Learning English has never been so entertaining. The power of great stories is the best tool to study English and discover the magic world of literature.

Explore grammar with William Shakespeare, learn an idiomatic sentence thanks to Jane Austen, visit London with Charles Dickens. And, story after story, you'll be fluent in English!

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Why You Should Bring Social Media into Your Classroom #1173

Sat, Feb 27, 13:00-13:40 JST

Speaker: Samuel John Williams Why You Should Bring Social Media into Your Classroom Social media plays such an integral role in our student’s lives, and there are a vast array of great resources on these platforms that you can easily use to supplement your English lessons. As an English teacher and social media influencer I take the classic stories from English literature and turn them into contemporary video lessons that your pupils love. Now I’m going to show you how you can use this fantastic educational social media content in your English class.

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“MAGGIE AND MAX VISIT THE HAUNTED CASTLE” by GABRIELLA COATES It’s a lovely summer day. Max and Maggie decide to go and visit the castle on the hill near the town. Everybody says it’s a haunted castle but Maggie doesn’t believe it. Max thinks that castles are perfect homes for ghosts and he is not sure that he wants to go. When they are in the castle lots of strange things happen! First it’s only Max who sees funny faces and people moving in the pictures on the walls but then Maggie starts feeling a bit worried, too. Maybe there really is a ghost in the castle…


"ROBIN HOOD" Robin Hood, the legendary hero of Sherwood Forest, has captured the imagination of generations of readers with his noble ideals and unforgettable adventures. Why did Robin Hood become an outlaw? How did Marian find Robin in Sherwood Forest? How was the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham punished? Join the millions of readers who have explored the exciting world of legends!LANGUAGE LEVEL: A2/B1


“MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS” by AGATHA CHRISTIE A murder is discovered on the Orient Express, just as snow stops the train in the mountains for days. There is a killer on board – but who is it? World-famous detective Hercule Poirot promises to find the truth, in one of Agatha Christie’s greatest and most popular mysteries.

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Play 4 English A single box with 4 fun games to identify, memorise and learn dozens of new words and develop storytelling skills.

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